Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter Home (PTU) Tutoria

Letter Home - Dianna

This tutorial was written by Dianna Richards of Digicats (and Dogs)/Di Before Dawn Tutorials. Any resemblance to any other tutorial, published or unpublished, living, dead or undead, is purely coincidental.

Please do not rebroadcast, redistribute or otherwise claim this tutorial or any part there of as your own work.

Items you will need to complete this project:

The Earth Day taggers kit by Puddicat Creations, This is a PTU kit that is part of the new Earth Day collab at StargaZer Scraps. It is free with a $10 purchase, or you can purchase the collab outright for $12.50.

Tube of choice. I am using June Bug, by Ash Evans. This is a PTU tube, and you must have a license to use this tube, which is available at Creative Design Outlet.

Font(s) and/or alpha of choice. I am using Century Gothic which is a Windows System font. If you do not have it, you can download it HERE.

I am also using the Parfum Printemps alpha by This is a free to use alpha that may be downloaded at the link provided.

Note that H# and V# refer to horizontal and vertical coordinates on your canvas ruler grid. Make sure you have View -> Rulers checked in order to see the ruler grid.

When I say "Add to your canvas" I expect that you will copy and paste it as a new layer, unless otherwise stated in the tutorial.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP. It was written using PSP X3, but should work in PSP 8 and up.

To begin, open a new raster layer canvas, 800 x 800 pxl, flood fill white.

Open paper of choice. I am using pdc_Paper12. Image -> Canvas Size -> Width = 600 pixels, height = 450 pixels, placement = centered.

Edit -> Copy and add to main canvas, centered.

Open pdc_Earth1 and resize to 20%. Add to main canvas, centered at H600, V280.

Open pdc_doodle2 and resize to 20%. Add to main canvas, centered at H600, V250.

Open tube of choice. I am using June Bug by Ash Evans. Copy tube of choice (I am using 4) and add to main canvas, centered at H250, V400.

On the materials pallet, set your background and your foreground colors to black (#000000). Using font of choice, add copyright information to the tag. For the June Bug tube that information is:

©Ash Evans CDO-(License#)

I am using Century Gothic, 4 points, bold and align left. I also added the optional background credits and tagged by information at this point. I have my credits centered at H235, V220, in the upper left hand corner of the "envelope" we are creating.

Using the following settings, add a drop shadow to your credits: offsets of 3 each, opacity of 100%, blur of 5, color pale green (#c0ffc0).

Image -> Free Rotate -> Rotate Left, 20 degrees - ALL LAYERS. Make sure you check the "All Layers" box before clicking on OK.

On the layers pallet, click on the background layer to activate it. Rotate it back to the right, 20 degrees (this layer ONLY). Resize your canvas back to 800 x 800 pixels, it will have automatically resized when you did the free rotate.

Open pdc_cloud1 and add to main canvas, centered at H400, V150. (Don't worry that you can't see it at this time, you'll be able to see it when we are finished.)

Return to top layer.

Open pdc-grass2 and rotate right. Add to main canvas, centered at H500, V657. Image -> Free Rotate, Rotate left, 20 degrees.

Open pdc_nature1 and resize to 75%. Add to main canvas, centered at H310, V540.

Open pdc_flower2 and resize to 35%. Add to main canvas, centered at H400, V650.

Open pdc_butterfly1 and resize to 50%. Add to main canvas, centered at H650, V500.

On the layers pallet, click on Raster 3, the doodle2 layer to activate. Open pdc_sparkles and add to main canvas, centered.

Click on Raster 8, the cloud layer and add a drop shadow of choice to it. I am using offsets - vertical and horizontal of 5 each, opacity of 75%, blur of 15, and color of dark blue.

Using the same settings but switching the color to dark green (#004000), and staring with Raster 1, the envelope layer and working upward on the layer pallet, add a drop shadow to each of the elements on your main canvas except for the sparkles layer (Raster 11) and the copyright layer.

You should now save the artist's copy of your tag as a .pspimage file.

Using font or alpha of choice add desired name to tag. I am using the Parfum Printemps alpha (1 & 3) by I have my name centered at H425, V400. I then free rotated it left, 20 degrees to match the angle of the envelope, and have added a drop shadow to it to match the rest of the tag.

Drop the white background layer and merge visible, resize to 75% (600 x 600 pixels) and save as a .png file and you are all done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you should have a problem, please feel free to E-Mail Me and I'll be happy to help you out.

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