Saturday, January 16, 2010

Devilish Lover tutorial

This tutorial was written by Dianna Richards of Digicats (and Dogs)/Di Before Dawn Tutorials. Any resemblance to any other tutorial, published or unpublished, living, dead or undead, is purely coincidental.

Please do not rebroadcast, redistribute or otherwise claim this tutorial or any part there of as your own work.

Items you will need to complete this project:

The Devilish Love kit by Jules Junk. This is a FULL SIZE PTU kit which is available at I resized this kit using Queen Brat Designs resizing script. You MUST resize this kit before attempting the tuturial.

Tube of choice. I am using psp3531-SCHoyer-DevilGirlII by Cane Hoyer. You must have a license to use this tube, which is available at

If you do not wish to use this tube, I have provided additional instructions to substitute the Cheeky Devil graphic included in the kit.

Wee Scots Mask #261 which you can download HERE.

Font(s) and/or alpha of choice. I am using Trebuchet MS, which is a windows system font, and Vivaldi, which is a FTU font available for download from Outlaw by Design.

Note that H# and V# refer to Horizontal and vertical coordinates on your canvas grid. Make sure you have View, Rulers checked in order to see the ruler grid.

When I say "Add to your canvas" I expect that you will copy and paste it as a new layer, unless otherwise state in the tutorial.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP. It was written using PSP X1, but should work in PSP 8 and up.

NOTE: This is a full size kit that I re-sized using Queen Brat Designs resizing script. You must resize this kit before attempting this tutorial.

To begin, open a new raster layer canvas, 800 x 800 pixels, flood fill white.

Open JJ-DL paper 9. Layers --> Load/Save Mask --> Load Mask from Disk and locat WSL Mask # 128. Make sure the fit to canvas box is checked, then click on load.

Image --> resize --> resize to 125% Uncheck the "Resize all Layers" box before clickin on okay. You only want to resize the mask layer.

Copy merged and paste to your main canvas, centered.

Open JJ-DL element 37. Resize to 55% and add to canvas, centered at H150, V400. Duplicate and relocate copy to H650, V400.

Open JJ-DL Element 33. Resize to 75% and add to canvas, centered at H650, V300. Duplicat and relocate copy to H600, V350.

Open psp3531-SCHoyer-DevilGirlII, copy the tubed layer and add to canvas, centered.

Add a drop shadow of choice to the tube. I am using offsets, vertical and horizontal of -7 each, opacity of 75%, blur of 25, color Black (#000000).

Open JJ-DL element 8, resize to 85%. Go to Adjust --> Color --> Channel mixer. Set your output channel to Grey, and your source channels to Red 80%, Green 28% and Blue -12%. Constant should be -1% and your Monochrome box should be checked. Then click on OK.

Open your manual color correction tool. Your source color should be medium grey, change your target color to light black (#404040). Then click on OK.

Add the recolored frame to your main canvas, centered.

Open JJ-DL Element 36. Add to canvas centered at H550, V600. Image --> Free Rotate --> Rotate Left, 25%. (Make sure both the "All layers" and "Rotate single layer around canvas center" are unchecked.

Open JJ-DL element 21, resize to 60% and add to canvas centered at H400, V700.

Open JJ-DL Element 41. Using your eraser tool, erase the stem & leaf portion of the flower. You can leave the leaves that are directly under the flower in tact, be remove the stem.

Resize to 75% and add to your main canvas centered at H570, V700. Add a drop shadow to match the one on your tube.

On the materials pallet, set your foreground color to transparent and your background color to white (#ffffff). Using font of choice, add the copyright information to your tag.

For the Devil Girl II tube, that information is: (c) Cane Hoyer MPTLicense#

I am using Trebuchet MS, 4 points, bold, centered and have pathed it fit the outside of the frame.

You can now save the artist's copy of your tag as a .pspimage file.

Using either font or alpha of choice, add the name of choice to the tag. I am using the font Vivaldi, 24 points, bold, centered with a silver gradient. I have centered the name at H200, V600, but the actual location will depend upon the length of name.

Delete the white background layer and merge visible. Resize the tag to 75%. You will want to check the resize all layers button if you have not done so already.

You can then save your finished tag as a .png file. Alternately, you can save the white background layer and save as .jpg file.

Alternate Non A/C version: Instead of the Hoyer tube, open JJ-DL element 20. Resize to 125% and add to the canvas instead of the Hoyer tube.

You will not need to add the copyright info beyond Scraps by Jules although if you are posting this to a tag group that requires a complete copyright you can use:

(c)Jules Junk

All other portions of the tutorial remain the same, including the drop shadow on the tube.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you should have a problem, please feel free to E-Mail Me and I'll be happy to help you out.

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